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I’m a lover of light.  Everyone knows that.  But, here in Wyoming in the winter, light can be hard to find.  I was once a believer that, in order for a photo to be great, I needed that warm, glowy sunset light.  The light that gets rid of harsh shadows, smooths skin, and creates that beautiful rim light that we all love.  The longer that I shoot daily, the more I realize that a great photo can be made in any light.  Thanks to some amazing instructors at The Narrative Society, I’m starting to fall in love with the light in my home.

My little guy is starting to drop his nap time.  Some days he wins that battle, sometimes he loses, and sometimes we get this.  A little boy who threw a MASSIVE tantrum at pickup from daycare.  I’m talking a tantrum of epic proportions.  I have never been embarrassed at pick up.  But, today I was.  His behavior earned him a trip straight to his room.  Where he promptly threw his covers over his head. And fell asleep. powell wy photographer

This was ok, but it was very snap shot like.  I knew I could improve it.  So, I turned off the overhead light (which yes, he had left on) and turned on his lamp.  The lamp sits on the dresser about 2 feet from his bed, which is shining directly onto his face.  While I wouldn’t say the second shot is GREAT, it’s improved.

powell wy photographer

I like the fact that the shadows are deeper.  They help hide the clutter that threatens to take over his room.  The light on his hands help draw my eye to them, focusing on the fact that his head is buried under his comforter.  I like that the signs his brother made for his drawers are also highlighted a bit more.

I started these 365 projects to document our every day life.  I don’t want to forget moments like these.  I probably would have, if not for this simple shot.

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