Powell, WY Photographer | 90 Second Challenge Connor Style

I decided to start a little tradition on Sean’s birthday, where I put together a little 90 Second photo session with the birthday boy.  You can see his session here.  Connor’s session was a bit more of a challenge.  As in it took almost 10 minutes to get around 25 shots.  Lots of fruit snack were involved in the making of this post.

I’m not sure why, but Connor turning 3 has been pretty hard on me.  If you haven’t noticed, I’m the sentimental type.  The dawn of Connor’s birthday brought both tears to my eyes and a smile to my face.  I love this little guy and all his quirks.

He’s always been a feisty, opinionated, stubborn little bugger.  Turning 3 has not changed that.  In fact, I believe it’s multiplied his personality by 3.  Connor refuses to do much of anything unless it’s his idea.  That includes eating, sleeping, and going potty.  Heaven forbid I suggest he do any of the above on MY schedule.

As he turns 3, Connor is starting to develop loves that don’t include everything big brother does.  He is branching out, finding toys of his own (Planes Fire and Rescue) and spending time playing alone with them.  I’ve watched him develop his own tastes in food (olives are the go to vegetable), obsessions over movies (Frozen, which he calls Frozen Fractal), and clothes (rarely will you find matching socks on his feet).

His somewhat curly hair is often a mess, but I can’t bring myself to cut it.  He prefers running around the house in a jammy top and undies.  He sucks his thumb so hard it looks like his teeth haven’t come in all the way.  They have, and I worry about the ortho bill I’ll get some day.  But, it sure does make for an adorable smile.

I hope I never forget his raspy voice calling for Monny at 2 in the morning to cover him again with his covers.  Or the sweet way he pats my arm after accidentally hitting me upside the head with his Turtles sword.  He loves his Mickey Mouse and Octonauts just as much as he loves reading Llama Llama and train books.

So, here he is.  My smiling, roaring, fruit snack chewing ball of adorableness.  Oh, how I love him!photographer powell wy

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