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Powell WY Children Photographer | I joined a circled of talented women in January who are all working to document this special time in the lives of their children.  Unfortunately, time gets away from me, and I write these letters too late to get join this circle.  Maybe next month.  As for now…

To my boys,

This month I spent a whopping $12 on a rocket launcher.  It’s a simple toy, jump on the rubber bladder to send a foam rocket into space.  It is the best 12 bucks I’ve spent in a LONG time.  You are completely in love with it.  As in we pull it out every night to watch the little white tubes fly around.

As I watch you jump to launch the rocket and then chase after it, I see the joy that the simple things bring.  You don’t need fancy toys, run by batteries, to fill your eyes with wonder.  As you watch the rocket flying into the sky I hear you both scream “whoa, look at that!  Again!”  I watch you working together, taking turns, figuring out that aiming the thing into the yard so the dog can fetch it is a bad idea.

Times like this bring me hope.  That you will always find happiness in the little things.  That you will work with others to solve problems.  That you are learning lessons that you will be able to pass on to your children.

The first night we brought the rocket out we had to drag you back in the house.  I think Daddy and I both said “one more time” about 15 times.  There were a few tears from both of you as we packed up to go in.  Even though we worked hard to put it carefully away, Leo has since then found the rocket launcher and enjoyed it himself.  This is one toy that I will happily replace.



Powell WY Children Photographer

Powell WY Children PhotographerPowell WY Children PhotographerPowell WY Children PhotographerPowell WY Children PhotographerPowell WY Children Photographer

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