Letters to My Sons | October

Powell, Wy Photographer | I am thrilled to say that I am once again joining up with my blog circle that posts monthly letters to our children.  I’m proud to be included in this group of talented women.  Please remember to follow the link at the bottom of my post to read more of this 10th installment of our letters.

To my boys, oh my dear boys

You know, it’s strange, how the passing of time changes as you grow older.  I remember being  (much) younger and thinking how time seemed to drag on.  Especially when something special was coming up.  I’m sure it feels like that to you, but to me this month has more than flown by.  Sometimes I felt like the day was over before it even started.

Days of school, soccer, chores, yard work and day to day nonsense have seem to take over our lives.  I am trying to remind myself that I need to slow down.  To remember these fleeting moments.  These every day moments.  Because before I know it you’ll be doing these daily things with your own littles.

The days seem especially long when Daddy is out of town for work, and you are fighting over a Transformer, of the iPad, or who gets to sleep in my bed.  When one of you wakes at 3:00 a.m. and wants to climb into bed, my first instinct is to be annoyed.  And then, something that I read this summer reminds me to take a step back.  And to take a deep breath.  And to remember, it won’t be like this for long.  One day, you won’t need to climb into my bed when you have a bad dream.  Or ask to be picked up and carried  instead of walking up the stairs by yourself.  There will come a day that you won’t ask for another story before bed.

I’m trying to cherish these days.  No matter how long, or short.  Or how trying.  Or exhausting.  Tomorrow you will be one day older.  One day closer to not needing as many hugs and cuddles.   It’s easy to remember the joyful days.  Don’t forget to remember the ones in between.



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I’d be every so happy if you followed our circle to read a letter from my lovely friend, Meredith, to her cuties.  You’ll find it here.




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