Powell Wy Photographer | I’m sad to say I missed the deadline to join in the blog circle with my lovely friends this month.  I am proud to say that I have written twelve letters to these boys.  Twelve messages that will (hopefully) follow them as they grow and remind them of the year that we spent together. As a family.

Dear Boys,

This letter marks the end of a year long project.  A few have been late, a few have been short, but all are going to help preserve the memory of YOU.

I’ve started this post many times and each time it comes out corny, or sappy, or just too long.  So, instead of my gushing about your friendship or giving you advice, I’m listing the things you love (and hate) to serve as a reminder of who you are today.  You’d think, that it being the holidays, that I would have oodles of pictures to share.  Sorry.  I spent more time with you and less time behind my camera.  We do have some with the cousins, with the grandparents, but those are almost too personal, too close to the heart, to put here.  I am sharing one with Great Grandma, because she’s never been shared here before.

I wish I was more of a wordsmith, so you could truly understand what I’m feeling, trying to get across.  But, I’m not.  You’ll have to get used to hugs and kisses instead of words.  That’s just me.  So, here you are, in a nutshell.

Sean-you are passionate about your friends, your family, and your dislike of all things deemed “girly”.  Your best friend is Kesh and you really do get along with all the kids at school.

You Love

Optimus Prime


Anything that transforms

Drawing (still a shock to me)



Watching your daddy play video games

Bedtime stories


Your teacher

Carrots, spinach and uncooked peppers


You Hate

Frozen (at least at school)

Waking in the morning


Getting your hair cut.  Or combed.  Or brushed.




Connor-you really are passionate about life.  When you are in a good mood everyone knows it.  When you’re in a bad mood…watch out.  You throw more tantrums and say ‘no’ more in a 30 minute period than, well, I’m not sure.  I’m not used to the mood swings!  You talk constantly about Olten and Huston.  You say you don’t like girls, but I know you play with them at school.

You Love

Everything your brother does.  Everything.

Rice.  And Pasta.  But really, you love rice.  It’s the little bit of kimchi in you 😉

Octonauts (more of an obsession lately)

Saturday morning iPad time

Your brother

Your dad and me

Finding the letters in your name in every book we read

Wearing mismatched socks

Wearing hats and gloves for less than 4 minutes

Your vitamins and “tooth” pills (fluoride pills)

Cucumbers, carrots, and anything straight from our garden

5 shirts.  Seriously.  If you could wear only the following shirts you’d be a happy boy:  turtle, yellow dragon, blue dinosaur, Lightning McQueen, and your McBatman sweatshirt (aka wet-shirt).  I bet some people think that’s all you own.

You Hate

Being told what to do

Being asked what to do

Hearing the word ‘no’

Having your hair cut

Wearing jeans.  Or the pants I pick out for you.  It has to be your choice or no dice.

Wearing hats and gloves for more than 4 minutes. They come off as soon as you get in the car.


At the end of the day, you are my boys, and I wouldn’t really change a thing about you.  You make me pull my hair out, stress me out to the point that I have to walk away, and pull on my heart strings until I can’t breathe.  I know you get sick of my hugs and kisses but I don’t know any other way to show you that you are my every. thing.



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